Forever Smiles Publishing

She may not be a dentist... but she definitely knows what
she's talking about when it comes to kids and their smiles.

Anna Razdolsky has worked side by side with her husband, Yan, a noted Chicago area orthodontist and innovator of numerous orthodontic appliances, since his practice opened in the mid-1980s.

Anna loves kids and is committed to educating everyone about the importance of oral health. That’s why she founded Forever Smiles Publishing in 2016 to help children and their parents understand the value of oral care and orthodontic treatment through storytelling.
Anna has a genuine love and appreciation for books because they weren’t always easily accessible to her. As a child growing up in Donetsk, Ukraine (former Soviet Union), not all books could be purchased effortlessly. Instead, you had to collect 100 kilos of scrap paper and turn it in for recycling. Then you would be given a coupon that was used to get a book. As children, she and several of her friends would pool their scrap paper so they could get a book to share.

Today, thorough her writing, Anna emphasizes the benefits of early orthodontic evaluation, monitoring and care to detect, prevent and eliminate early childhood oral issues and increase children’s health awareness and self-esteem at an early age. Her other reason for writing the books is because during her 30 years of working with children and raising four children of her own, she has witnessed first-hand the effects of good and bad oral health on self-esteem and self-confidence. She wanted to convey that connection through a story that children and adults might relate to.

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CFO Forever Smiles Orthodontics

Forever Smiles provides quality orthodontics to children and adults in Buffalo Grove and all surrounding Illinois areas. They take enormous pride in the relationships they build with patients, their families and the community. They are involved in the community and make it a point to visit schools in the area and meet the kids! The Forever Smiles team is diverse and multi-lingual, speaking eight languages including Spanish, Korean, Filipino, Russian, Mandarin, Polish, Romanian and Bulgarian.

The relationship Forever Smiles has with their patients extends itself into ensuring their patient’s smiles last forever. Quite often they treat multi-generations of the same family.

As CFO, Anna extends her role as smile ambassador for Forever Smiles and the community they serve. She orchestrates special events and programs for patient relations, as well as local community groups, schools and charitable foundations. To learn more about Forever Smiles, visit the link below or follow them on Facebook.


Anna is committed to community education and in addition to writing children’s books, she presents fascinating talks at public and private schools, Parent Teacher Organizations and libraries. She and her Forever Smiles team regularly participate in Oral Cancer Awareness Walks, and host educational field trips to the Forever Smiles orthodontic office for a variety of community clubs, and Cub, Brownie, Daisy, Boy and Girl Scouts troops. Anna has received numerous awards for her educational service. She is on the President’s Council of the University of Illinois and is a member of the National Association of Professional Woman.


Anna and Yan are the proud parents of four children with perfect smiles, three of whom have already gone into the dental field thanks to their parents’ inspiration and dedication.